Investment Services.

We make it easy to consider, qualify and close on real estate investments that net our clients not only a strong return, but  a deep level of enjoyment too. 

Here's a guide to the core elements that make our markets so exciting right now.

Rental Yields.

What are the things that help you get an attractive yield on any vacation rental? 

  • Infrastructure
  • Tourism
  • Beautiful Properties
  • Customer Service
  • Beautiful Site-Seeing areas 

All these elements make up simply a portion of the strength of the investment areas we work with.

International Currencies & Fluctuations

Inflation. Currency Conversion. These can be big bad words for someone considering an international investment for the first time.

DecoNova Riviera can help you have the peace of mind and help remove the mystery and fear.

As international hot spots, our markets offer a secure and versatile way to make the most bang for your buck! 


There are certain Real Estate markets that behave completely differently than the rest.

These tend to be located where tourism is the number one source of income. But the main question remains, how do I take advantage of it?

We'll walk you through how to create that perfect balance between regular rental income, and the overall growing value of your property - including when to invest:

Pre-construction Phase

This phase usually goes from 12-24 months prior to delivery.  When quicker appreciation is a key factor, here is where it is generally most feasible to invest (25-35% during the first 24 months).

Pre-delivery Phase

6 months prior to delivery, rental projections will be more accurate since the delivery date is close; however, appreciation is not at its peak here. Nevertheless, it is important to mention that, depending on the area, you can still expect good capital gains (does between 6-8% yearly sound nice?).

Let Us Help

No need to wonder if it's the right time - a consultation with us will make it clear if this is the right place for you.

Phone: +52 1 984 157 5480


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